Manhattan Chowder & Debate Society


Greeting & Society Business. President

Chowder Session (Impromptu Debate). Chowder Master

Educational Talk about Debate. (5 min.) Debate Master

Prepared Debate. Debate Master

Resolved: That English should be the official language of the United States.
Constructive Speech #1 (8 min). First Affirmative
Cross-Examination (3 min). Second Negative

Constructive Speech #2. First Negative
Cross-Examination. First Affirmative

Constructive Speech #3. Second Affirmative
Cross-Exmination. First Negative

Constructive Speech #4. Second Negative
Cross-Examination. Second Affirmative
Summary/Rebuttal #1 (4 min). First Negative
Summary/Rebuttal #2. First Affirmative

Audience Comments while Judges Deliberate (10 min). Debate Master

Judging. Chief Judge
First Affirmative Evaluation (3 min). First Judge
First Negative Evaluation by Second Judge
Second Affirmative Evaluation by Third Judge
Second Negative Evaluation by Fourth Judge
General Evaluation & Announcement of Winners. Chief Judge

Selection of Next Month's Debate Topic. Educational Vice President

Closing. President